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Stream, Fort Tejon
Stream, Fort Tejon
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Ride photos

Various photos of things we saw on our trips. Currently heavy on John and the bikes. (Hits: 97532)
20-JAN-2008 - Neversail (13)
16-JUN-2007 - Mission Trails Regional Park (16)
John led a "wandering around" trip, and we wound up here.
3-MAR-2007 (9)
Soledad-Cabrillo warmup, by the convention center to the Coronado Bridge [inside lane, as the outside lane is really freaky], silver strand, to the Tiajuana Estuary. Around the estuary to Border Field Park. Lots of gravel and rocks on the road, but no mishaps. Back via 5, from Dairy Mart Road [exit 2] back to Clairemont Drive [exit 22].
24-FEB-2007 (1)
What is logged in the journal as what is becoming our "default practice ride". Brief stint on 52 to get to the north side of Mt. Soledad, over Soledad, PB, MB, Cabrillo, Airport area, Barrio Logan, Balboa Park area, Hillcrest, Mission Bay, home.

Photo comes from a curious lull in the crowd at the lighthouse, so was able to climb the ladder and stick my camera through the grill at the light in the lighthouse.

Good example of "always carry your camera"

16-FEB-2007 (10)
Up 101 to Potato Shack for lunch, back down, up over Mt. Soledad to Mission blvd, walk along the boardwalk for a bit [I forgot my flipflops at home], and back home.
14-jan-2007 - Borrego Springs (12)
Acucorp Krewe. Escondido, through Lake Wolford, past Lake Henshaw to S22, down S2 to Borrego Springs. S3 to 78, up through Julian, down to Dudley's, Ramona, Scripps Poway Pkwy to 15, to Balboa, and home.
25-dec-2006 (4)
Up to Cabrillo, down in front of the airport, along PCH and home.

Dry, but really fun. 28.7 miles.

4-nov-2006 (10)
Breakfast at UTC Coco's, 5 to 56, through Poway to Ramona. Through Santa Ysabel to Julian, down past Lake Henshaw,

I ran over a squirrell

through Descanso to 8, 8 back to 5 and home.

21-OCT-2006 - Santa Ysabel (6)
went up Genesee through Del Mar. Del Mar was having an "Art Stroll", and had half the road blocked off, and the two normally northbound lanes doing both north and southbound duty. Hooray for water-cooled motorcycles, but oh, how "bored now" we were.

Del Dios Highway, Lunch at the Red Robin at North County Fair. Ashley [waitress] asked about the Tetnus Pog around my neck. Charming girl, attentive without obtrusiveness.

Up past the Wild Animal Park, through Ramona. At a turnoff, John took lead.


He doesn't make me crazy to watch anymore, he rides more confidently, I'm not worrying about how he's doing, because I can see how he's doing. Less frustrating and more pleasurable all around.

Up to Dudley's, bought two loaves of bread. John even selected the Old Julian Highway route back.

Camels? Zebras? I have photos [see for the visual component of this journal]

Back down 67, Scripps Poway Parkway, 15, 52, Clairemont Mesa Blvd offramp and home.

28-SEP-2006 - 2-OCT, Palm Springs (5)
Decided to ride back on Monday, but rode out Thursday as planned.
16-SEP-2006 - Acucorp post-conference ride. (8)
Post Acucorp conference ride with employees. Rainbow twice, Valley Center twice, we'll have to get more details from Marilyn.

Lilac Road, etc.

2 and 9 SEP 2006 (31)
Two photos from our trip to see Carrie in Escondido. 9-SEP, back to Jacumba, finally get to see the caves.
2-JUL-2006 (10)
Palomar Mountain, via Bates Nut Farm. Nuts from all over the world meet here!
12-JUN-2006 (7)
Longest solo ride yet.

Gas at Claremont Mesa and Genessee, [detail snipped] to Via De La Valle (s6). Kraig's [insurance agent] office is Valley Parkway (S6) and Ivy.

Sisters house for lunch and visit. Back on S6 to Rancho Santa Fe. Stopped for iced tea, went out S8 to Lomas Santa Fe.

10-JUN-2006 (7)
156.8 miles

Via Jamul, Lyon's Valley Road, Julian, Santa Ysabel, Ramona.

New/old roads: Old highway 80 was reached in a car [by accident], but we meant to do it this time.

Also, rediscovered Old Julian Highway and Wildcat Canyon Road from the ride with Marilyn.

6-JUN-2006 (11)
Lunch with John and Coworkers in Miramar.

Yikes! It started raining! Luckily I was in the parking lot at the lake when it started, or I would have freaked.

It stopped, and then dried up after a two mile walk.

3-JUN-2006 (11)
94, Lyon's Valley, [with Donkey!] Otay Lakes Road, Silver Strand to Coronado.
28-MAY-2006 (4)
Started out going out 52 to Mast, meeting Marilyn.

Noted landmarks:

Wildcat Canyon Road
Old Ramona Highway
Lake Henshaw
Lake Wolford
Mesa Grande
San Diego Country Estates

Details, and how the devil we got there will need to await analysis.

Not many photos, more of a "enjoy the moment" ride than a "try to document with the camera" ride.

Don't know how we got there, know how we got back [see unexpurgated notes for details], but following someone else made for a really pleasant ride. The itinerary being one less thing less thing to keep track of or distract.

Marilyn pushed us a bit, which was good. Not as much as she could have. Someone who does the three-flags classic and has done 700-1000 miles a day doing it isn't a benchmark for "oh, let's take a break" judgement.

Oh, another good (paraphrased) quote: "Since I became a mother, I've decided to not be such a speed freek, and promised myself not to do more than twice the posted speed limit on curves".

18-21 May 2006 - PS, Joshua Tree (26)
464.6 total over four days.
13-MAY-2006 (12)
74.5 miles.

101 up to Father and Mum's.

Back, over to Fun Bike Center.

Bought a rider-top bag and some armored riding pants. Pants are a bit awkward getting on and off the bike, and the bag doesn't help.

[spoiler: We're planning our first overnighter to Palm Springs next week]

Balboa back to home.

6-MAY-2006 (21)
Salton Sea - 260 miles

259.9 miles, we went around the block to get to 260.

29-APR-2006 (4)
117.7 miles.

Tecate. We rode /to/ the border,not across it.

22-APR-2006 (3)
Set off to do a 94/campo/Otay Reservoir loop. Stopped in Downtown SD for lunch [Dick's Last Resort], discussed changing to a Tecate [not crossing the border] run.

Weather and fatigue got us to the Zoo, instead, and a bit of North Park afterwards.

Pleasant, if not particularly ambitious.

8-APR-2006 (12)
146.3 miles.

Palomar Mountain.

Genesee to 101

Jimmy Durante to Villa De La Valle

Breakfast at Milton's

Del Dios Highway [which I never realized is part of S6] to Escondido.

Up Valley Parkway [again! It's S6] to Lake Wolford Road.

Right onto Valley Center Road.

Right on 76,

left onto S6 [east grade road].

Okay, time to discuss this road.

This is quite twisty. Extremely twisty.

Some hints:

  • Do NOT look at the other motorcyclists. They are going dizzy-fast, and leaning so far over that it make you wonder about your own orientation.
  • Look at a map. None of the curves actually go beyond 360 degrees, but some of them feel like it.
  • Take a break at the bottom (before you start up). It's hella-fun, but it's pretty intense.

Up to the end of S6 [also known as "Palomar Observatory"].

Back down S7. Built specifically to transport the 200-inch telescope mirror blank, it's smoother than S6.

Stopped at Dudley's, shed a layer of clothing.

Ramona, lunch at D'angelos [name?]. Sat on the patio, which we hadn't thought to ask for before.

Home via Scripps Poway Parkway,Kearney Mesa Blvd, Balboa.

25-MAR-2006 (5)
Also notable, 1012 miles total on the bike.

See notation for 4-MAR-2006 for basic route.


  • Didn't take Market to 94 [freeway part], but did PCH to Washington to University. Breakfast at Hamburger Mary's, and did University to Grossmont Shopping Center.
  • University to La Mesa was a horrible mix of traffic, traffic signals, and dumb people not paying attention to what was around them. I prefer the early-morning 94 freeway run.
  • Had to ask for directions from Grossmont, finally found Fuerte. Fuerte to Avocado to 94 [onto the last onramp, just to where the freeway-part was ending]. Mt. Helix was beautiful, and we considered going to the top of Mt. Helix, but passed.
  • Took second layer, but wound up taking the liner out of the jackets. Temperature in the high 50's.
  • Actually struck up a conversation with another biker (John, a producer at a local television station, with a BMW Dakar with heated handlebar grips), and rode with him a ways from Descanso to Julian, and had pie and coffee with him there.
  • I want heated handlebar grips.
  • Runoff from snow went across the road, not too deep, but still more water than we're used to.
  • Took the lower part of Lyon's Vallley Road, rather than Skyline Truck Trail. John will give flowers to the woman at his office who recommended the route. Up and down hills, very windy, nicely surfaced.
  • On the route back from Ramona, got the correct road back [Scripps Poway Parkway].
  • Got cut off by a pickup truck pulling out of the Clairemont medical center [tall towers on Balboa]. No danger, I was expecting him to do that, but didn't respond to my honking at him and glaring at him at the light. The driver seemed about 125-130 years old. Would have taken John out further down the road if he [John] hadn't been pre-warned.

4-MAR-2006 (7)
137.1 miles

The training wheels are officially off. The first "real" trip along a highway... But first, a quick triptych: Down along the bay, PCH to broadway, broadway to 94, 94 to the end (!), campo road to Lyon's Valley Road, to Skyline Truck Trail, back onto, Lyons Valley Road, Japatul Valley Road becomes 79 to Julian. Rongbranch for lunch.

78 down the hill to Poway Road [not the expected road, but...] Black Mountain Road, to Kearney Villa Road to Clairemont Mesa Blvd, and home.

Left around 8am, back around 4pm.

Okay, now, back to details.

Coming down the hill 94 pretty much it's whole length was better than John anticipated, pretty much met my expectations. Not bad, but still our first "real" freeway ride [see note on 5-FEB-2006] was more stress than we've experienced in a while. Traffic was light; we hit the freeway around 9:15 or so.

My comment of "this is my candidate for my least favorite part of the ride" was tempting fate.

Coming out of Campo to 8 was a blast, but coming down the Clairemont Drive hill gave me a hint. At that point, I thought that the top of my jacket had come loose; but no, it was just /that/ cold.

We took a break at Descanso, which was very welcome. I've never cheered [into my helmet or otherwise] at seeing I-8 before.

Stopped at the shop just past I-8, bought some water. John charmed the realtor and the shopkeeper at Descanso. I excused myself to go buy some water. Hope I didn't come off as too rude, but I was /really/ thirsty.

Now, my /really/ least favorite part of the ride. The next three-four miles, I was shivering-cold on the motorcycle.

I was so worried about "will it be dry?", I never thought to check "will it be warm". It wasn't.

Enough of the negative, after that, the sun warmed things up a bit, and the road was almost deserted. The 15-mile-rated curves in a series gave me some "I get it now!" experience with accelerating through a curve.

Stopped in Julian, stopped into the Mexican/pizza joint, wanted something more "wait upon us". Went to the Rongbranch, had a Cajun Tex-Mix, lovely. John had the pork-beef sandwich special, he enjoyed it, but as the daily special, who knows if you can get it.

Wandered about a bit. Got told "You're not allowed to take pictures in here" at the general store, and felt bad, briefly. Looked on our way out; no sign, no warning... no remorse.

Rode a bit north to Angels Landing entrance, turned around, and headed down 78. Stopped at Dudleys, bought some bread. Locked up the gloves, kept our helmets; started to ride off without the gloves. We didn't, but were reminded of the associativeness of memory.

John really hated this point; there were very strong gusts of wind, and a lot of impatient people behind him. Me? I was thinking that we were pulling off to the side quite a bit for us doing the speed limit. The wind didn't even register for me.

Turned onto Poway Road. Wrong road, it turned out. "Gee, this looks vaguely familiar" was because of having going through there as a child. Wound up at I-15 a familiar location, albeit well north of the expected point. Frantic [on my part] review of the map, shows us just /that/ close to Black Mountain Road.

Black Mountain to Kearney Villa [still remains a nasty bit of 65MPH non-highway road], Claremont Mesa Blvd, to home.

20-FEB-2006 (3)
87.4 miles - New record- Ramona via Mercy Road, Wild Animal Park, Del Mar, home via 101/Genessee
11-FEB-2006 (2)
John's birthday. Up Soledad, down the other. Brunch at The Spot in La Jolla. Down through pb, construction in MB. Up to OB, then to Cabrillo, then home. 36.6 miles.
4-FEB-2006 (4)
Jimmy Carter's Cafe, Balboa Park for the International Dance Festival. North Park, through downtown, home.
29-JAN-2006 (12)
26.9 miles - Cabrillo Natl Mon and back, remarkably soothing, a watershed in "just riding". Smooth enough to discuss freeway and night riding. Got annual pass.
28-JAN-2006 (8)
33.4 Miles. UTC for breakfast, along Miramar. Down Kearney Villa Road (first: hit 65 mph). Fun Bike Center, haircut [second "useful" errand, first bank run]. Mt. Soledad, and home.
14-JAN-2006 (0)
24.4 Miles. OB, Nimitz past airport, up PCH.

Out from OB, missed the Nimitz turn. No regrets, growing to love the Sea World to Friars 55MPH/no cross traffic run through there. U-turn, and back.

Plan was to OB, Airport, Convention Center, but weather loomed.
Personally, I have ZERO interest in experimenting with inclement weather riding at this point.

27-JAN-2006 (2)
James' first soloish ride - 15.8 miles.

Forgot to reset the odometer between the house and the corner of Dakota, but that's .1 miles. DIDN'T forget to TCLOCS, if you were wondering.

Rode to work all by myself [and the other commuters]. Met John at DeAnza Cove, rode around Fiesta Island, came home.

7-JAN-2006 (2)
40.6 miles. New record for one ride. Didn't take the camera, but we installed our new tank covers. On the route from home to UTC, got gestured at by an angry dude in a white neon that tailgated/separated both of us. Jerk.

Stopped in UTC for brunch. John led from there to the brief break at UCSD. Breeze[wind] down Torrey Pines as nasty as before, but we were prepared for it this time. Stopped again in Del Mar, traffic as nasty as in a car.

Stopped in Del Mar [still a bit cautious/timid on a odd curve up the hill; actually less stable/safe as just going round the curve], water and walk. Lots of other 'bikers.

Decided to go "past Villa De La Valle". Got past there, didn't see any good place to stop until we started down /that/ grade. Grade and wind /nothing/ like Torrey Pines. Got up the hill, turned in and got to the Yogi's parking lot. Water and walk.

Trip back, from Yogi's, John missed a few lights. James pulled over, and contemplated going back. Note: James has not ridden solo yet. James is used to having John having his back, and being his right-hand man, in many ways. He does NOT take these positions for granted.

Stopped again at UCSD, water and walk. Geisel library open, brief use of restroom and wander [the "compact stacks" a real trip]. Almost got lost [timewise] in the bookstore.

Back, went Genesse/Balboa, rather than longer[drearier] Clairemont Mesa Blvd to Clairemont Drive. Sun lower on the horizon than comfortable, but new photograde specs made it nicer for me.

30-DEC-2005 (12)
Got our third tank of gas. James' odometer read 123 miles, confirming our 120 mile per tank (2.5 gallon tank = 48 MPG).

Brunch in OB, got a bit lost getting from there to Cabrillo. Picked a road that was remembered from the map, but hills weren't on the map, but we handled it fine.

29-DEC-2005 (14)
Longest single ride, first time out of city of San Diego. Stopped by the office, up Mount Soledad, down the other side. Lunch at Jose's Court Room. Up to Del Mar. 35.9 miles.

Good parts: Ride down Soledad was a blast, even if we went a touch slow. About the speed limit, but had a "parade" behind us.

New challenges: Wind coming out of Torrey Pines; traffic [4pm-ish] at Genessee at 52, riding into low sun on way back [along Claremont Mesa Blvd].

27-DEC-2005 (10)
Two trips! Remembered the camera.
25-DEC-2005 (9)
Second trip outside Fiesta Island [first lunch in OB didn't have the camera]
New motorcycles (8)
Starting as an odd, rather self-indulgent hobby, becoming a tool for learning focus, philosophy, and responsibility (not in that order)

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